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New Wine-Hillsong Worship

Making new wine comes from pressing and crushing. Breaking new ground comes from the act of surrendering. Neither of these processes are promised to be easy, but they always prove worthy in the end. Surrendering ourselves to the hand of God requires much trust. A trust that we know as faith.

Surrendering ourselves to God means offering ourselves up to align ourselves with the will of God. We become a vessel through which God works here on earth We admit that without God we are nothing and become full when we have God.

When we allow ourselves to become new wine, we are empowered through the Holy Spirit and freed from our hold to sin. The old passes away and we walk away holding the flame of Christ. A light that cannot be overcome.

When we have this flame we will be forever singing praises to the Lord. We will be placing ourselves back on the altar. The process of becoming new wine is an on-going process. A process that continually brings us closer to God.

Are you surrendering yourself to be made into new wine?



Currently down the path to become a pastor in the United Methodist Church. I have suffered with anxiety for years and am hoping to bring comfort to those who suffer with anxiety without help from the church.

2 thoughts on “New Wine-Hillsong Worship

  1. Very good post! I’ve been thinking a lot about my own experience with pain and struggle, and I keep seeing so many examples like this where something good necessarily comes from struggle and even pain (which can seem like cruel punishment). This is another great example and reminder that such pain may be necessary. Thanks! (by the way, I think your writing just took a leap in improvement!)

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    1. Thank you so much. It’s always a hard line between seeing that good only comes from suffering and seeing that good can come from our struggles. But I do think sometimes we need to experience pain or struggle in order to more fully experience the good that is to come after!
      And thank you so much!! I’m trying very hard to improve my writing and be more relevant. I appreciate your feedback!


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